2020 Hurricane Season: Tips for Preparing your Home Now

Hurricane season peaks in early September, but it officially starts June 1. Early forecasts have already determined this year’s hurricane season activity to be above average (Source: USA Today).

Larger hurricanes can last for a few days and the flooding and long-term impacts can continue for months after. With 16 named storms predicted to form in 2020 and from what we have learned from the past few years, it’s imperative that you begin preparations for hurricane season as soon as possible.

As a certified electrical contractor and Kohler generator dealer in SWFL, we have ample experience with helping members our community prepare their homes for hurricane season, and we have some tips on how to manage your home’s utilities during this time.

Get Your Home’s Electricity Ready for A Hurricane

There are a few important steps you can take to prepare your home’s electrical system before a storm is forecast to come your way.

Firstly, learn where your home’s electrical system is and how to turn it off. Emergency officials may advise you to turn off electricity during a hurricane, so you will need to know how to do that. If there is any flooding expected, be sure to unplug all unnecessary electrical devices and move them to a safe place.

Also, be sure to use surge protectors to ensure your valuable appliances and electrical equipment are protected from changes in power. Not only are you at risk from losing power, but electrical surges and fluctuations may occur from high winds and rain during the storm.

The best way to prepare your home’s electrical system is to have a home generator. A home generator will keep all your appliances turned on through a power outage and keep your family safe.

If you already have a home generator, it’s important to make sure it has proper maintenance and is ready to run properly in the event of an outage. Be sure to get your regularly scheduled generator maintenance before the hurricane season starts.

Other Home Utility Hurricane Preparedness Tips

There are a few other things you can do to prepare your home for a hurricane.

When it comes to your home’s water system, you can use your bathtub to store extra water in case you run out. Be sure to have enough water to last for at least 3-5 days for your family in case you lose water service.

Make sure your devices like phones, computers, and tablets are charged up leading up to the storm and have portable chargers ready as well. Back up your computer and other devices and consider using waterproof cases or bags for your devices in case of flooding.

Start Preparing for Hurricane Season TODAY!

If you haven’t already started preparing for hurricane season, it’s important that you start as soon as possible.

Having a home generator is extremely helpful in keeping the investment of your home protected and keeping your family safe through a severe storm, but the process of selecting, getting permits, and installing a generator can sometimes take several months.

If you want to protect your home through the 2020 season, you should act now to start the process of getting your home generator. We don’t know what’s to come yet for the hurricane season but it’s important for us to be prepared because once we know the storm is coming, it can be too late to get everything you need in order.

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