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5 Common Myths about Electricity

It is without a doubt we’ve been told “facts” about electricity and safety, but not all of the information we have been told is true. If you are looking to educate yourself on electricity, or just looking for safer practices, here are 5 common myths about electricity you’ll want to keep in mind:

Only High Voltage is Dangerous

Wrong! Voltage is actually just the pressure that carries electricity along. Amperage (or “amp”) is the amount of energy in a given location and is what could actually hurt or even kill you. It takes less than one quarter of an amp to cause irregular beating and one amp to cause fatal heart irregularities. The average home has anywhere from 100-200 amps of electricity running through it.

If a Wire Falls, It will Automatically Shut Off

This is also not true. If a wire falls on the ground onto a poor conductor it, the line will remain energized and must be treated in that manner. We recommend you hire a professional electrician to handle a situation such as this to prevent injuring yourself and/or others.

Tires are Electrical Insulators

If a wire falls on it while you are in your car, you are indeed safe, but that is because electricity seeks to find the clearest path towards the ground.

Power Lines Are Insulated

Actually, studies show that 90% of power lines are NOT insulated. Not to mention that the lines which are considered insulated are exposed to rough weather regularly, so there is no telling what the actual condition of insulation is. No lines are safe. Contact an electrical service professional if you have any questions or concerns.

Power Surges Happen When You Flip a Switch

False! There is no power surge when you turn on a light. Turning off the lights will always save electricity, even if it is just for a few seconds. Preserve energy by turning off all things that are not being used, computers included.

Get Help from a Professional Electrician

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