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5 Potential Electrical Hazards You Must Address in Your Bonita Springs Home

When it comes to electrical hazards and safety, it’s never a bad thing to be overly cautious.
After all, when electrical hazards turn from a hazard to a problem, the result can be devastating. That’s why we’ve identified five potential electrical hazards you must address in your Bonita Springs home so you can make sure your home is as safe as possible. Read on to learn what hazards must spark you into taking action!


1: Outlets Too Close to Water

In Bonita Springs, we’re lucky to have wonderful weather pretty much year round. That means that water is often a key source of our entertainment. Make sure that you don’t have exposed outlets next to water sources, like kiddie pools, sprinklers, or even above ground pools and hot tubs. When water hits an exposed outlet, it can short out or spark, causing a fire. Eliminate the hazards by making sure your electrical outlet is properly covered/safe distance away if near a pool or hot tub, and make sure kiddie pools and sprinklers are nowhere near outlets. Additionally, using electrical items close to water can be incredibly dangerous and can result in electrocution! For example, never use hair dryers on a wet floor. If you find that an outlet or plug has gotten wet, shut off the power from the circuit breaker before attempting to unplug the item.


2: Frayed/Worn Cords

Frayed or worn cords can happen anywhere — from phone chargers that were pinched in a recliner to the extension cord that powers the boom box from the garage, carefully inspect wires to ensure you’re not accidentally sending electrical currents everywhere. If you find a frayed or worn cord, unplug it immediately and replace it. Never leave it plugged in.


3: Pets & Children

OK, we don’t want you to remove children and pets from the home… but you should make sure to keep electrical items out of reach from pets and use child safety covers on outlets. Pets like dogs and cats may find that an electrical cord makes the perfect chew toy. Be sure to keep electrical items away from pets, and inspect your cords regularly to ensure Fido hasn’t chewed them up. These seem like simple things to keep in mind, but children and pets account for a large amount of in-home electrical accidents.


4: Lightbulbs Too Close to Flammables

We rarely think about lightbulbs as a danger, but certain types of bulbs, like Halogen, can emit a significant amount of heat. When those bulbs are near or touching a flammable item (such as curtains or drapes), an accidental fire can occur. Check to make sure that all light bulbs are a safe distance away from curtains in your Bonita Springs home.


5: Extension Cords

Extension cords can be incredibly handy, but if you find that you’re constantly using them in the same place, you could unknowingly be introducing an electrical hazard into your home. Overloading outlets can cause a fire to break out, which could be a deadly hazard. Reassess whether or not you need to have all the electrical items plugged in, and if so, contact your local Bonita Springs electrician to have an additional outlet safely installed. The above hazards can be incredibly dangerous, so be sure to check your home for these hazards and rectify them immediately if you find them. Your safety depends on it!

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