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7 Qualities to Expect from Your Local Electrician

When you run into an electrical jam or have a new project at home coming up, it’s best not to mess with it yourself. Not only is electricity dangerous to work with, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing, but there are also codes and regulations that must be followed when installing or updating electric. So, like most homeowners, you’ll call your local electrician.

But how do you know if the work is being handled properly and that you’re being charged fairly? How does a reputable electrician behave? Can I expect to have an 8-hour window of arrival? Questions like these are often asked from homeowners not knowing what to expect from an electrician.

To better prepare you, we’ve assembled a list of seven qualities that you can and should expect from your local electrician, so that the next time you need help, you’ll be ready.

1. Up Front Pricing

Electrical work isn’t exactly inexpensive because it requires a lot of skill, licensure, and training to good. However, your local electrician should be up front and honest about pricing so that there aren’t any surprises when it comes to pay the bill.

2. Communication

You shouldn’t have any problem getting in touch with your local electrician, especially if the job is in process. When you need help, someone should be there. Nothing is worse than hearing about customer nightmares where an electrician leaves a job incomplete and then the customer isn’t able to contact them. Furthermore, your electrician should be able to explain to you, in layman’s terms, the work that needs to be done, why, and at what cost.

3. Licensed & Insured

Electrical work is dangerous, and as a homeowner, you don’t want to bear the cost in the event your electrician is injured. Things like installing high ceiling lighting or ceiling fans can put forth additional safety hazards. Your local electrician should carry the proper insurance and licenses.

4. Prompt & Courteous Service

Your local electrician tries to stay within a scheduled timeframe for a job, but that doesn’t mean emergencies or other problems can come up and delay the schedule. You shouldn’t be stranded, waiting for hours for your local electrician to come by when it’s convenient for them. A professional will be able to judge how long a job will take and be courteous to call and reschedule if it’s going to take longer than anticipated.

5. Capable of Handling Jobs of All Sizes

Your electrician should be able to troubleshoot and solve problems and be capable of coming up with a plan for your home remodel or new construction. A professional electrician will you provide you with detailed paperwork that outlines exactly what they will be doing. This way, you aren’t wondering if things outside the realm of an electrician’s job are your problem or something that should’ve been covered.

6. Prepared at the Job Site

When your local electrician comes to your job site, he or she should be prepared with the right parts and/or tools. Most electricians travel in a work van with ample additional wiring, plates, and the tools of the trade so that they won’t have to leave a job site to get a part. When you hire your local professional electrician, you should expect that they would arrive prepared.

7. Professionalism

Just because electrical work is a hands-on skilled trade, it doesn’t mean that your local electrician should be sloppy, messy, and leave you with cleanup. The electrician you hire should be a professional in all senses of the word. Expect to be talked to with respect and your home or job site to be treated with care.

Electrical work is important, and it’s got to be done right. You can expect that your local electrician will have these qualities — and if you don’t, it’s time to shop around. Hopefully, after the job is complete, you will have established a rapport with the electrician. It’s always good to know who to call!

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