• Husty family in front of Empowered Global truck

    Quail Chronicle | Empowered Global Inc.

    Daniel Husty is the president at Empowered Global Inc. and has 14-plus years of experience in the electrical industry. With an emphasis in integrity, Daniel firmly believes in establishing professional relationships with his customers to provide the best experience possible. Daniel was born and raised in Naples, FL, and has lived here all of his […]

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  • skewers over outside grill at a barbeque

    Different Types of Portable Generators

    Empowered Global is a certified Platinum Kohler Dealer serving Bonita Springs, Estero, and Naples, Florida. When you think of generators, especially in Southwest Florida where we have hurricane season, you probably think of them as something to repower your home in case of a power outage. While that is a very important and common use […]

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  • Light Bulbs

    Different Types Of Kohler Generators & How They Help You!

    We stress the importance of having a generator installed in your home to keep you safe during hurricane season in Southwest Florida, but there are many other uses for generators out there. As a certified Platinum Kohler generator dealer in Southwest Florida, we are experts on the subject of generator installation and maintenance. Home Generator […]

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  • Lightbulb on grass

    Press Release: Local Electrical Contractor Achieves Platinum Dealer Status with International Generator Manufacturer

    Bonita Springs, FL – January 9, 2019 – As of January 1, 2019 Empowered Global, a residential and commercial electrical contractor, has become a Platinum Kohler generator dealer in Southwest Florida. Empowered Global has been servicing the Naples and Bonita Springs area for the past 5 years for electrical service work in local homes and […]

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  • Electrician Fixing Outlet

    Why You Need A Generator Maintenance Plan

    Our blog has already highlighted the importance of having a Kohler standby generator in Southwest Florida for hurricane preparedness, and the steps you must take to get a generator installed. The next step is to have a generator maintenance plan. Like any other appliance or mechanical system in your household, a generator requires regular attention […]

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  • When Should You Schedule A Home Electrical Inspection?

    Part of being a homeowner is making sure your home’s electrical system is functioning properly and safely. During the process of buying and selling a home, an electrical inspection is usually done before the transaction takes place to ensure the home’s functionality and safety. From there, most won’t think about an electrical inspection unless a […]

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  • Installing Your Kohler Home Generator

    Hurricane season is well underway in Southwest Florida and we’ve been receiving requests for home generator installation to help prepare homes for upcoming storms. However, when it comes to installing a whole-home generator, the process really should begin much earlier in the year. You might be ready to install a generator in your home but […]

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  • Different Types of Outlets & When to Use Them

    When you moved into your home, you probably didn’t think much of the outlets you have and how you use them. But to make the most of your home’s electrical system, you should be utilizing the right type of outlets and using them the right way to make sure you are getting the most out […]

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  • Hurricane and High Winds on trees outside

    Hurricane Preparedness & Generator Installation Services

    In 2017, SWFL experienced the most intense hurricane season in recent years with Hurricane Irma. Many people in Southwest Florida lost power in their homes for weeks. With this year’s hurricane season already brewing, it’s important to be as prepared as possible in the event of severe weather or a natural disaster so that your […]

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  • Man sitting on bed holding baby

    Childproofing Your Home’s Electrical System

    When you are becoming a new parent and bring a child into your home, there are many steps to take to secure your home and prevent accidents. It is very important to be aware of the potential dangers that your homes electrical system could pose to children in your home. Electricity, lighting, and appliances are […]

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