• Contractor outside building with hard hat on

    Electrical Safety Checklist for A New Home – Empowered Global

    If you’re moving into a new home or apartment, there are so many things to get done to get settled in. An important step that can’t be ignored is checking your home for electrical safety. It’s an unfortunate truth that many of us are not aware of the safety of our home’s electrical system and […]

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  • Ariel view of using a desktop computer

    Tips On How To Keep Your Office Efficient & Save On Your Energy Bill

    Any modern business uses many electronics in its operations – from computers to smartphones and beyond. According to the American Council For An Energy-Efficient Economy, office equipment is responsible for $1.8 billion a year in energy output. If you aren’t conscious of it, you could be driving up a pretty hefty energy bill. Not only […]

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  • lightbulbs

    Florida State Electrical Regulations

    Electricity and various electrical installations are an essential part of any home or dwelling in the state of Florida. Without electricity, you would not be able to light your home, use your appliances, run your TV or computer, and do just about anything that makes your daily life functional. Having an electrical system in your […]

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  • Wires coming out of the wall

    Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Outlets

    There are very compelling reasons to call a professional electrician to upgrade your outlets. Consider: the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that emergency rooms treat approximately 3,900 people every year for injuries associated with electric outlets. Fires are a significant threat. According to the commission, 40 people die and another 100 are injured by […]

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  • Ungrounded Outlets

    Ungrounded Outlets: What’s Safe and What Could Start a Fire?

    Don’t get zapped. Electrical outlets can be dangerous, according to statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. It estimates that emergency rooms treat approximately 3,900 people every year for injuries associated with electric outlets. Children who insert metal objects such as a key or a hairpin into the outlet represent one-third of those injuries. Electrocution […]

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  • Fire with black background

    Steps You Can Take Now to Prevent an Electrical Fire

    Generating and harnessing electricity is one of humanity’s greatest achievements, but it doesn’t come without some danger if users aren’t careful. Homeowners ignore the risks of electric fire at their peril. According to the National Fire Protection Association, U.S. municipal fire departments responded to an average of 45,210 home structure fires involving electrical failure or […]

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  • How to Save Energy at Home

    How to Save Energy at Home

    If you groan every month when the power bill arrives in the mail, consider making changes that can save energy at home. Even small changes such as adjusting a thermostat by a few degrees or unplugging appliances and electronics when you’re not using them can mean big savings over time. Many energy saving strategies don’t […]

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  • Dead outlet

    How to Handle a Dead Outlet

    Most of us don’t think twice when we plug a device into an electrical outlet. Electrical outlets are actually marvels of technology that allow equipment to plug into the electrical grid. We don’t realize how important they are until the power goes out. Sometimes, an outlet won’t work even if the power is on in […]

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  • Generator Tips

    Generator Tips for A Generator That Lasts for Hurricane Seasons

    Everyone in Florida had friends whose generators wouldn’t start after Hurricane Irma. You read their pleas for help at 2 a.m. on Facebook. The typical rant: “My generator won’t start, it’s so hot and my food is spoiling! Help!” Friends and loved ones purchased generators when the last major hurricane swept through Southwest Florida 12 […]

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  • diy electrical work risks hazards

    DIY Electrical Work Risks and Hazards

    Home-improvement stores, online videos and television shows have inspired millions of homeowners to tackle home repairs by themselves. Such do-it-yourself projects are fun and can generate personal satisfaction when the job is well done. Plus, they might even save you some money. But there are risks and hazards when it comes to electrical work, from […]

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