Are you looking for electrical services in Bonita Springs? Maybe you are remodeling your home and want to revamp the lighting in the room. That means you will need the help of a certified and experienced Bonita Springs electrician to ensure adequate and proper installation.

Empowered Global does residential and commercial electrical remodel work. Our team bespoke integrity, stringent guidelines, and commitment to providing an amazing customer experience, thus providing top-notch quality service.

We offer a variety of other electrical services besides remodeling like whole-home surge protection, electrical panes changes, installation of different types of lighting, and much more. We service part of Southwest Florida including Bonita Springs, Naples, Estero, and the surrounding areas.

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Dangers of DIY Electrical Work

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When trying to do electrical work on your own, not only are you putting at risk your property, but you are also putting at risk yourself and your family. Here are some of the most important risks to be aware of:

  • Electrical fires. They lead to a lot of property damage and often lead to death.
  • Electrocution: Without proper equipment, you are exposed and more likely to get electrocuted.
  • Electrical system failure: Quick fixes to your electrical system can lead to the system’s failure, thus damaging appliances and other devices.

Electrical Services We Offer

Electrician is installing and connecting a lamp to a ceiling.

No matter if you want to update your electrical system or if you want to change your lighting fixtures, we always recommend hiring a certified electrician to make sure the job gets done right. Here is a brief breakdown of the electrical services we provide you:

  • Residential remodels, including electrical remodels of your living room, bedroom, kitchen, garage, bathroom, and more. Several of our completed remodels and other electrical work can be seen on our portfolio. We also do smart home automation remodels in case you want to integrate more technologically advanced features into your home.
  • Whole-home surge protection to make sure your appliances are not damaged during electrical spikes. These usually happen in Florida due to hurricanes and powerful thunderstorms. Whole-home surge protectors regulate the flow of these extra electrical currents.
  • Landscape lighting to give your lawn visibility and the attention it needs. This will make the exterior of your home as beautiful as the exterior.
  • New lighting installation to reduce your power usage and to give your home the look you are aiming for. We do recessed lighting, pendant lighting, LED lighting, and much more.

Not sure if your project falls in any of these categories? Work closely with our electricians and they will be able to best answer your questions.

Work with Empowered Global

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Looking for a Bonita Springs electrician? Our certified and insured electricians have extensive knowledge alongside expertise to best cater to your unique electrical requirements. We are located in Bonita Springs and provide commercial and residential electrical work.

We aim to provide excellent services by following the highest standards, and always staying up to date with codes and procedures to ensure your and your family’s safety.

Ready to get started on your next electrical project? Contact us to learn more about our services and capabilities and schedule your free inspection today!