• Is Your Generator Ready For 2020 Hurricane Season?

    Hurricane season is almost here and it’s time to start getting prepared. If we’ve learned anything since our last major hurricane, it’s that Southwest Florida often feels long-lasting impacts from big storms. In 2020, experiencing hurricane season while also going through a global pandemic makes hurricane preparation more important than ever. It’s essential to make […]

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  • 2020 Hurricane Season: Tips for Preparing your Home Now

    Hurricane season peaks in early September, but it officially starts June 1. Early forecasts have already determined this year’s hurricane season activity to be above average (Source: USA Today). Larger hurricanes can last for a few days and the flooding and long-term impacts can continue for months after. With 16 named storms predicted to form […]

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  • Image of a hurricane over water

    Start Preparing For 2020 Hurricane Season with a Home Generator

    Spring is approaching, and it’s time to start looking ahead to the 2020 hurricane season. It may seem early to start preparing for hurricane season, but experts have made it clear that the earlier you start preparing, the better. The season starts June 1 and it is the most active in August and September. Here […]

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  • The Cost of a Power Outage & Why You Need a Home Generator

    Are you thinking about purchasing a home generator? If you’re researching selecting a generator and its installation, you’re probably wondering about the cost associated. Getting a generator to power your home can be an expensive investment but having one in place can save you a lot of money when you need it. In case you […]

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  • Do You Need A Home Generator Blog Image

    Do You Need A Home Generator?

    Living in Southwest Florida, you’ve likely heard about friends or neighbors installing whole-home generators (we do live in hurricane season for almost half the year, after all). If you are a first-time homeowner or simply curious about installing a generator, you’re likely interested in learning more about them. What are the benefits of a whole […]

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  • lightbulb

    How Do Kohler Home Generators Work?

    Picture this: the power in your home goes out. You might be in the middle of a hurricane or extreme weather, or maybe it’s just a regular afternoon thunderstorm. There could be electrical work going on in your area that happens to take out your power. Either way, if you have a home generator, that […]

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  • Generator Installation Timing Blog Image

    When Should I Install My Generator for Hurricane Season?

    If you live in Southwest Florida, you have probably been experiencing heavy rains and storms over the past few months. We even had a tropical wave come through a few weeks ago on the east coast of Florida that brought heavy rainstorms throughout the weekend. You may have even noticed a news story about how […]

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  • Hurricane image

    Get Ready for the 2019 Hurricane Season in Southwest Florida

    Hurricane season formally starts June 1st in Southwest Florida, which means that it is officially underway. The first named storm, tropical storm Andrea, was even announced a few weeks ago. Ever since Hurricane Irma came in the fall of 2017, everyone in the Southwest Florida area learned the importance of hurricane preparedness and saw the […]

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  • The Importance Of Generator Expertise Blog Featured Image

    Why Generator Expertise Matters

    Why Generator Expertise Matters If you live in Southwest Florida, or any other region that experiences extreme weather conditions that might cause power outages to occur, you know the importance of having a standby generator in your home. Having a generator in your home could be the difference between you being able to live your […]

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  • Husty family in front of Empowered Global truck

    Quail Chronicle | Empowered Global Inc.

    Daniel Husty is the president at Empowered Global Inc. and has 14-plus years of experience in the electrical industry. With an emphasis in integrity, Daniel firmly believes in establishing professional relationships with his customers to provide the best experience possible. Daniel was born and raised in Naples, FL, and has lived here all of his […]

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