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Do You Need A Home Generator?

Living in Southwest Florida, you’ve likely heard about friends or neighbors installing whole-home generators (we do live in hurricane season for almost half the year, after all). If you are a first-time homeowner or simply curious about installing a generator, you’re likely interested in learning more about them. What are the benefits of a whole home generator? Do you even need a generator?

Having a home generator is going to be extremely helpful in the event of the power outage. The convenience of not losing power and having the lights go out, and not having your food in your fridge spoil is obvious. But you still might wonder, do I really need a home generator? There are a few reasons why having a generator in your house will make a big impact – keep reading to find out!

You Travel Often

If you travel often, leaving your home vacant for long periods of time, a home generator is a great investment to protect your property. Especially in Southwest Florida, where many residents are “snowbirds” that leave their homes for long periods of time, an outage related emergency could cause major damage to your home’s electrical system. By having a backup generator, you can ensure your home will be well connected no matter how far you are.

You (Or Your Kids) Work from Home

If you are a business owner that has a home office, or just someone whose career requires them to be available at all hours, you know how important it is to have an internet connection to get work done. In the event of a loss of power, it could be a major risk for you to not be able to conduct business. Having a home generator will ensure that you can stay connected.

You Want to Protect Your Appliances

Power keeps the lights on and keeps your internet running, but most importantly, it powers all the appliances in your home (including your air conditioning system). If you have a large home that is filled with expensive appliances, power outages can cause damage to these appliances. If you have made the effort to invest in high-quality appliances, you probably want to make the additional investment for a home generator to add an extra layer of protection to your home.

You Have an Electrically Powered Medical Device

If you or a loved one requires the assistance of a home medical device that runs on electricity, a home generator is imperative. Losing power and not having access to electricity could be deadly in this case. Also, if you have elderly relatives, young children, or anyone that has a disability or mobility issues, having the lights out could make it very difficult for them to navigate – so consider the importance of a generator for their safety and comfort.

You Live in A High-Risk Climate Area

Weather is the most important factor to determine whether you should own a home generator. While power outages can happen from other factors, most that occur are weather-related, especially in extreme weather events which can cause a blackout lasting 24-hours or more. If you live in a severe climate area that gets extremely hot or cold, air conditioning and heating systems can be essential to your comfort and safety. And living in Southwest Florida, we’re prone to being on the receiving end of tropical threats – tropical storms and hurricanes are active between June 1 and December 1, and for this reason alone, we think getting a whole home generator is a worthy investment.

Work with A Certified Kohler Generator Dealer in Southwest Florida

If you live in Southwest Florida, you might have found that many of these reasons for owning a generator apply to you. With the extreme weather we experience in the summer, and the risk of power outages during hurricane season, owning a generator is essential to protecting your home and your family.

Empowered Global is a platinum-certified Kohler dealer that can help you select, install, repair, and maintain Kohler generators for your home in Southwest Florida. The generator installation process can take some time, so we recommend starting early to get yourself ready for hurricane season in 2020. Call us today at (239) 330-4520 or contact us online to get started!

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