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Empowered Global Now Partnered with Surge Assure to Offer Industrial Protection to Clients

In order to ensure industrial protection to our clients, Empowered Global has partnered with Surge Assure, the residential division of Advanced Protection Technologies, Inc. (APT) and Emerson Network Power, a worldwide leader in the surge protection industry.

Surge protectors are designed to reduce and divert potentially damaging short-duration voltage spikes safely out of the system to ground. This concept is similar to pressure relief valves that protect water heaters from overpressure.

What Does Surge Assure Do?

Surge Assure protects electrical appliances from surges that enter through the main electrical panel. For example, it protects television signal inputs, telephone, DSL and modem connected electronics from blowing a surge in your home.

How, you ask? Surge Assure divides your home into four different lines of protection; panel, cable/phone, interior and exterior. Each type of protection works with the other to create surge protection for your whole home.

Top-of-the-Line Industrial Protection

First, panel surge protectors are installed at the main power panel in your home for cable, TV, satellite service and phone service. Next, cable and phone surge protectors are considered the second line of defense and are designed to protect coaxial cable lines and phone lines. Third, the interior surge protectors defend sensitive electronics in your home such as the stove, and clothes dryer. Last but not least, the exterior surge protectors are for equipment and electronics found outside the home such as a HVAC, generator, and pool equipment.

The strategic process that Surge Assure uses allows for ultimate security and surge protection in your home. This is why Empowered Global has recently decided to partner with Surge Assure; to ensure top-of-the-line industrial protection to all of our clients.

Why Is Surge Protection Important?

Surge protection is important in that it protects you and all of your electronic devices. In the event that there is a storm or fire, having surge protection could save your life. However, not all surge protectors are the same. Surge Assure is guaranteed to protect you and your devices from the outside world. That is why Empowered Global has partnered with Surge Assure, to guarantee you with the protection you want and need.

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