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When Should I Install My Generator for Hurricane Season?

If you live in Southwest Florida, you have probably been experiencing heavy rains and storms over the past few months. We even had a tropical wave come through a few weeks ago on the east coast of Florida that brought heavy rainstorms throughout the weekend. You may have even noticed a news story about how the 15-year anniversary of Hurricane Charley recently passed, which was one of the most devastating storms to the Southwest Florida area.

In case you missed it, hurricane season is definitely here.

What is Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season officially runs from June 1st to November 30th, in which due to weather patterns we are at the highest risk of extreme storms. These storms can range from tropical storms that just bring heavy rains, to major hurricanes that can cause extreme wind damage and flooding, and even require the area to be evacuated. The most extreme storms tend to fall between July and September, as evidenced by the anniversary of Charley, and Hurricane Irma falling in September two years ago.

This year, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicting between nine and 15 storms in 2019 – with four to eight of those becoming hurricanes, and two to four of those becoming major hurricanes.

How to Get Prepared for Hurricane Season

We’ve previously written blog posts on hurricane preparedness and what you need to do to get your home ready in case of a storm. As we’ve seen happen with previous storms in the area, it can be hard to get fully prepared once you know a storm is coming, so it’s important to get the necessary supplies ready as soon as hurricane season starts. This includes having plenty of water and non-perishable foods, batteries, first aid kits, portable chargers for your devices, and gas.

One of the most essential elements of hurricane season is having a generator in your home. During Hurricane Irma two years ago, some areas of Southwest Florida lost power in their homes for as much as 3 weeks. Having a home generator installed can be the difference between making sure your family is able to continue normal life by having power and staying connected.

When Should I Get My Generator Installed?

As we mentioned, it’s important to prepare for hurricane season ahead of when a big storm is announced.

When it comes to generators, the installation process can take some time. We must come out and evaluate your home, get permits, size the right generator for your home, and install. Getting permits can easily take up to a month and in some cases even longer, so the whole process is not something that happens overnight.

Unfortunately, if you wait until August or September to purchase a generator for your home, it might be too late before you are able to get it installed, and a major storm could already be on its way.

We recommend getting a generator installed before hurricane season begins to ensure your home is ready for any power outages from a hurricane. Since we are already in the heart of the 2019 hurricane season, we recommend installing a generator for the 2020 hurricane season sometime between October through March.

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