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Generator Tips for A Generator That Lasts for Hurricane Seasons

Everyone in Florida had friends whose generators wouldn’t start after Hurricane Irma.

You read their pleas for help at 2 a.m. on Facebook. The typical rant: “My generator won’t start, it’s so hot and my food is spoiling! Help!”

Friends and loved ones purchased generators when the last major hurricane swept through Southwest Florida 12 years ago probably stored them away in their garage or shed without maintenance. They figured it would start right up when they needed it after Hurricane Irma.

If it was a generic generator they purchased from a big-box retailer, the cheap model was probably so gummed up with old fuel that it won’t ever crank again. It was a waste of money and it didn’t help when they needed it most.

By contrast, thoughtful consumers who did their research before rushing out to buy a cheap generator from the hardware store had power, lights and air conditioning throughout their house. They discussed their needs with companies such as Empowered Global, purchased reliable Kohler generators and quickly became the envy of the neighborhood because they had power when others didn’t.

Maintenance-free generators

There are many advantages to a Kohler generator.

When the power goes out or it drops below acceptable levels because of a brownout, the automatic transfer switch signals the generator to start. In seconds, the switch activates power from your generator.

Unlike generic generators, Kohler generators start and stop with no need to refuel. That’s because they’re powered with natural gas or propane, clean fuel that won’t clog up the equipment or force you to hunt for scarce gasoline. Because it’s hooked into your home’s power supply, there’s no need for extension cords either.

With PowerBoost technology, Kohler generators can handle big power demands when starting. For example, it can start your air-conditioning unit without dropping power to other appliances.

Your Kohler generator will continue to supply power to your home until the utility restores power to your area. Rest assured that inside every Kohler generator is a commercial-grade engine built to withstand extreme workloads.

How do you know your generator will start up when you need it? Kohler generators runs a diagnostic test for 20 minutes each week and it happens automatically. The OnCue Generator Management System will send you alerts about your home generator via text or email so you can rest assured.

What about my generic generator?

If you purchased a gasoline-powered portable generator, you can still take steps to ensure that it starts again. You can perform the maintenance yourself or hire someone to do it, but be sure to do it soon after you used it.

Refer to the generator operator manual for instructions to maintain your unit after use. If you misplaced the operator manual, you can find it from most manufacturers online.

As a general rule, before storing a portable gasoline generator for a long period of time, you should:

  • Drain the fuel by running the unit until it runs out. Consider adding fuel stabilizer to make sure the carburetor is clean.
  • Change the oil after you’ve let the generator cool down.
  • Clean the air filter.
  • Cover the generator with a cloth or tarp and store in a cool, dry place.

Call Empowered Global at 239-947-2375 to request a quote on the purchase and installation of a Kohler generator. Empowered Global is an electrical contractor that specializes in residential electrical service work in Southwest Florida.

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