When Should You Schedule A Home Electrical Inspection?

Part of being a homeowner is making sure your home’s electrical system is functioning properly and safely. During the process of buying and selling a home, an electrical inspection is usually done before the transaction takes place to ensure the home’s functionality and safety. From there, most won’t think about an electrical inspection unless a major problem occurs. For the most part, your home’s electrical system will run smoothly and won’t need much maintenance, but there are certain circumstances where you should be proactive in scheduling an inspection.

Before Major Home Upgrades

If you’re planning on performing significant renovations to your home, especially building additions, it’s recommended to have an electrical inspection beforehand. This will ensure your electrical system is capable of supporting new outlets and fixtures and determine if you need any repairs or upgrades. Also, by bundling the renovation process and electrical inspection together, you can sometimes save money and time by doing the work simultaneously.

After Severe Weather

Hurricane season is well underway in Southwest Florida, and while most are familiar with the pre-storm steps to take to protect your home, there are also post-storm steps to take to ensure your home’s safety. In the event of a hurricane or any other severe weather event in your area, permanent damage can be caused to your home’s electrical system that might not be immediately apparent. Water damage to wires, debris falling on power lines on your property, or lightning strikes could be sources of damage that an electrical inspection could detect.

In Older Homes

After you purchase a home and get an initial inspection, it’s still a good practice to get electrical inspections completed every few years; but if your home is 25 years or older, it’s recommended to get an electrical inspection more frequently. While most electrical components are built to last, long time use and wear and tear will eventually require more attention and upkeep. Regular inspections will keep you ahead of any electrical problems that can occur and keep you aware of when major upgrades may be necessary.

If You Have Recurring Issues

If there is damage to your electrical system, you might start experiencing minor problems before you have a major sign of damage. This could be something as simple as light bulbs burning out quicker than usual but could be a sign of an underlying issue. If you start to notice a sudden or reoccurring issue relating to your electrical system, be proactive in scheduling an inspection rather than waiting until long-term, expensive, or threatening damage can occur.

Work with A Licensed Electrician on Your Home Electrical Inspection

If you’ve identified that it’s time for an electrical inspection on your home, the next step is finding a licensed electrician in your area to work with. Empowered Global is a Southwest Florida electrical contractor that provides service to Bonita Springs, Naples, Estero and the surrounding areas. We are focused on putting our customers first and providing excellent customer service and attention to detail. To schedule an appointment, call us today at 239.330.4520 or contact us here.

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