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Help Your Home’s Resale Value with Electrical Upgrades

Are you thinking about selling your home in Southwest Florida? Making sure your house is ready to put on the market is a big undertaking. To figure out what’s most important, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and you may find that an updated, functioning electrical system in the home is probably one of the buyers’ top priorities.

Making sure your home’s electrical features are up-to-date will not only make your home ready to put on the market but get you the best resale value.

Start with the Basics – Essential Electrical Upgrades

Before you start thinking about improvements you can make to raise your value, think of the basics that you need. Do you have an older home with an outdated electrical system? When was the last time that you had an electrical inspection? Here are the essentials that you should start with.

  • Panel upgrades – Electrical panels in older homes are not always able to accommodate up-to-date appliances. Make sure your panel has enough power to support a modern home.
  • Update wiring – the basis of what makes everything work smoothly and safely in your home is the electrical wiring. Older wiring is unsafe and will be incompatible with most new appliances and features.
  • GFCI outlets – Many older homes have older outlets but having GFCI outlets are standard in modern homes. They are essential for safety anywhere water or moisture is frequently present, like kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms.
  • Updating fixtures – If your appliances are more than a few decades old, they probably aren’t safe anymore. If you still have older lighting fixtures or ceiling fans in the home, you may want to update them before selling the home.
  • Electrical code inspection – By having a professional inspect your home’s electrical system to make sure everything is up to code, you can identify any immediate needs for improvement and make sure your home is fit to go on the market.

The Wow Factor – Aesthetic Electrical Upgrades

Once you’ve covered the basics, you’ve got your home ready for market and improved its value. If you really want to go the extra mile and get the highest market value possible, you can do more to create a more attractive and functional living space to help. Here’s some additional upgrades you can do.

  • Additional outlet installation – In our modern world, people are using more devices than ever before. You should make sure that you have enough outlets for the average amount of devices a homeowner needs. Also, consider adding USB port outlets for extra convenience.
  • Outdoor lighting – Outdoor lighting can make the exterior of your home look more appealing, as well as add an extra layer of security for potential buyers.
  • Lighting upgrades – Updating the interior lighting can brighten up spaces and make them more visually pleasing. Consider installing under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen, or recessed lighting for the extra “wow” factor.

Work with A Licensed Electrician

If you are ready to update your home’s electrical system to get it ready to sell, you should work with a licensed electrician for the best results.

Empowered Global is an electrical contractor in Southwest Florida providing service to Bonita Springs, Naples, and Estero. We can inspect your home and identify areas for improvement, and provide lighting installation, wiring & outlet updates, and everything in between.

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