How Do Kohler Home Generators Work?

Picture this: the power in your home goes out. You might be in the middle of a hurricane or extreme weather, or maybe it’s just a regular afternoon thunderstorm. There could be electrical work going on in your area that happens to take out your power. Either way, if you have a home generator, that will be the difference in your power seamlessly coming back on, or your home’s electricity being disconnected and you losing access to your appliances, lighting, water, and being able to continue your daily life comfortably.

So, you might wonder: how exactly do Kohler home generators work? We’re breaking it down so you can understand the process of having a Kohler generator in your home.

Before the Power Goes Out – Automatic Transfer Switch & Monitoring

When you install a home generator, it will be on “standby” most of the time, given that your home’s electrical system are usually running smoothly. Once installed, before the power ever goes out, your Kohler generator’s automatic transfer switch (ATS) will work 24/7 to monitor the electricity coming from your home’s utility.

The ATS features a power indicator, which will always tell you where your home’s power is coming from (generator or utility). Your generator will run a weekly self-test where it exercises itself and runs diagnostic tests for 20 minutes each week to make sure it’s ready when needed. This process happens automatically, so you don’t have to lift a finger and your generator will make sure it’s running on its own. Kohler also has an OnCue Generator Management System, which allows you to manage your generator, receive text or email updates, and view real-time power operations from your phone or tablet.

When the Power Goes Out – Seamless & Automatic Power

In the event of a hurricane or any other event that causes your home’s power to fail or drop below an acceptable level, the ATS will trigger the generator to start. Kohler generators are known to respond in 10-seconds or less, so by the time you notice power going out, the generator will turn on and start to repower your home. Kohler generators, unlike other brands, start and stop automatically with no need to refuel, plugin, or do anything – saving you worry and hassle.

Once power levels trigger your generator to turn on, it will continue to supply your home with electricity until the steady utility power is restored. Kohler generators are known for total reliability due to hundreds of tests during design and production, and their commercial-grade engine is built to withstand extreme workloads – ensuring your house will maintain power and you can live comfortably through any outage. Additionally, PowerBoost Technology in Kohler generators can handle large starting loads like central air conditioning and large appliances without dropping power.

Work with A Platinum Certified Kohler Dealer in Southwest Florida

Hurricane season is something we are always going to have to deal with as residents of Southwest Florida. Having a home generator is essential to keeping your family safe, connected, and prepared through any storm.

The generator process can take some time – from evaluation, sizing, permits, and installation – so we recommend getting started on getting ready for the 2020 hurricane season as soon as possible. Once your generator is installed, regular maintenance is important to keep your generator in the best shape possible as well.

Empowered Global is a Platinum Certified Kohler Dealer, which is a status offered to electrical contractors that exceed expectations on all fronts, including customer service, professionalism, and overall installation.

If you are ready to get a home generator installed in Bonita Springs, Naples, or Estero – we can help! Contact us online today or call 239-330-4520 to get started.

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