Is Your Generator Ready For 2020 Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season is almost here and it’s time to start getting prepared. If we’ve learned anything since our last major hurricane, it’s that Southwest Florida often feels long-lasting impacts from big storms.

In 2020, experiencing hurricane season while also going through a global pandemic makes hurricane preparation more important than ever. It’s essential to make sure that your family and your home is secure and that you have everything you need to get through a storm safely.

Early projections show that the 2020 hurricane season is expected to be above average due to an anticipated lack of El Nino and warmer than normal tropical Atlantic waters. The latest studies predict 16 named storms, eight of which will be hurricanes, with four that could strengthen into major hurricanes.

The most important thing you need to keep your family safe through a hurricane is having a home generator installed and making sure your home is ready to go through hurricane season.

How Do Home Generators Work in A Hurricane?

Home generators power your home’s electrical system when a power outage occurs. During extreme weather situations like a tropical storm or hurricane, if your home’s electrical system goes down, within seconds, the generator will switch on and keep power running.

This means when a storm comes through, your electricity will stay on. Your fridge and freezer will keep running so you can preserve groceries, your lights will stay on, your electronics will be on so you can stay connected to loved ones and keep up with the news, you’ll have running water, and your heat and AC will stay running. All the necessities you need to stay safe and comfortable will be running smoothly.

Because of the time needed to select the right sized generator, get permits, and install a home generator we recommend starting early. It can sometimes take several months to complete the process. So, if you don’t have one yet, act now so you can be ready for next year’s hurricane season.

Get Your Generator Ready for The Upcoming Season

If you already have a home generator, you have taken the right steps to get yourself ready for hurricane season. The next step is to make sure your generator is ready for the upcoming season.

Regular maintenance is a huge part of owning a generator. In general, we recommend getting generator maintenance from a certified Kohler dealer at least twice a year to make sure everything is running properly. Now is a great time to get your generator services to make sure there are no issues going into hurricane season.

Generator maintenance from a Certified Kohler Dealer includes oil changes, spark plugs, fluids, filters and more. Kohler generators can also be equipped with monitoring systems that you can access from your personal devices, to report on your generators health 24/7. That way you can monitor things leading up to a storm and make sure everything is ready go.

Work with A Certified Kohler Dealer in SWFL

If you are ready to get your Kohler generator serviced, or get started on getting your generator installed, in SWFL, Empowered Global is here to help.

As a platinum certified Kohler dealer servicing Naples, Bonita Springs, and Estero, we can help you with developing a generator maintenance plan before hurricane season gets started. Our highly skilled and experienced generator technicians are dedicated to high-quality work and excellent customer service, to ensure your home generator is ready to get through any storm.

To learn more, contact us online or call us at 239-330-4520 today!

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