Kohler vs. Generic Generators

Kohler Generators Versus Generic Generators

Few things are more frustrating than discovering that your generic generator won’t start when you need it most.

Maybe a storm blew through your area just as you were preparing to entertain a big party. Or perhaps you were working on an important project just as a utility crew inadvertently cut power to your office.

The generic generator you purchased at a big-box retailer or your neighborhood hardware store long ago won’t crank because it’s gummed up with old fuel. You kick yourself for having spent hundreds of dollars on a useless piece of equipment.

Meanwhile, your neighbors’ lights are on, they can power their computer and cell phones, the food in their fridge won’t spoil and they have air conditioning. Don’t wait until a power outage to realize the big differences between Kohler generators versus generic generators.

How Kohler Generators Work

Before the power goes out, a Kohler automatic transfer switch monitors the electricity from your local power company. It monitors power coming to your home or office 24 hours a day.

Your Kohler generator will run itself and run diagnostic tests for 20 minutes each week to make sure it’s working when you need it most. You don’t have to do a thing: it happens automatically.

With Kohler’s OnCue Generator Management System, you can manage your generator remotely. You can receive updates by text or email and view real-time power operation from your computer, phone or tablet.

Power Outages

When the power goes out or it drops below acceptable levels because of a brownout, the automatic transfer switch signals the generator to start. In seconds, the switch activates power from your generator.

Unlike generic generators, Kohler generators start and stop with no need to refuel. That’s because they’re powered by natural gas, clean fuel that won’t clog up the equipment. Because it’s hooked into your home’s power supply, there’s no need for extension cords either.

With PowerBoost technology, Kohler generators can handle big power demands when starting. For example, it can start your air-conditioning unit without dropping power to other appliances.

Your Kohler generator will continue to supply power to your home until the utility restores power to your area. Rest assured that inside every Kohler generator is a commercial-grade engine built to withstand extreme workloads.

Kohler’s Superior Quality

As a privately held family owned company, Kohler can devote its focus 100 percent on its customers. Every Kohler generator is meticulously tested from start to finish, just as it has done since it built the first modern-day generator in 1920.

Kohler engineers run hundreds of performance tests during the design process. Every part is scrutinized, right down to the bolts.

Once the generator design passes rigorous inspections, it’s ready for production. But before it leaves the Kohler factory, the company puts it through its paces one more time and the result is total reliability.

How Do I Purchase a Kohler Generator?

Kohler has a handy online tool you can use to estimate the size of a generator you might need. Use Kohler’s home-generator selector only as an approximate guide for what you might need:

The best way to determine your power needs is to consult with a Kohler generator dealer such as Empowered Global. The staff at Empowered Global is trained to analyze your home or office’s actual electrical needs and then install the unit.

Call Empowered Global at 239-947-2375 to request a quote on the purchase and installation of a Kohler generator. Empowered Global is an electrical contractor that specializes in residential electrical service work, residential remodels, and commercial electrical service work in Bonita Springs, Naples, Estero and the surrounding areas.

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