If you live in Florida, you are probably familiar with power outages caused by hurricanes and severe thunderstorms. These bring many inconveniences to homeowners as it is hard to keep a sense of normalcy.

In these cases, you need a top-grade Kohler Whole House Generator installed in your house. These ensure you and your family stay safe, connected, and powered up during an outage by automatically turning on and feeding power to your major appliances.

While there are many other generator brands in the market, Kohler generators are known for being reliable, durable, and efficient. Learn about all the reasons you should invest in Kohler generator and why you should work with Empowered Global Inc. to guarantee proper sizing and installation.

Kohler Generator


Why Get A Kohler Whole House Generator

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If you are unsure whether the Kohler whole house generator is the right option for you, here we have compiled the top reason why we believe it is.

  •  Kohler whole house generators are well-equipped with a high-grade, heavy-duty engine boasting sustainability that makes it last through severe weather.
  • Each Kohler generator goes through at least a hundred tests before being sent your way.
  • Kohler generators typically exercise themselves automatically to run an in-depth diagnostic test. These last for at least 20 minutes, ultimately ensuring your generator will be ready to run optimally whenever necessary.
  • Kohler generators have revolutionary power boost technology, which helps the generator easily handle vast loads like central air conditioners. All without dropping power that reaches other appliances.
  • Kohler house generators are neighborhood-friendly. The quiet operation of this generator matches the sound levels of a central air conditioner.
  • They feature a first-rate quality corrosion-resistant aluminum core that offers style as well as protection.
  • Kohler generators boast a streamlined installation since these come with concrete mounting pads that help lower installation costs and times.
  • They run on natural gas or propane, thus eliminating the need for continual refueling your generator.
  • They can be easily monitored, and you can get real-time updates to your phone through the OnCue Plus Generator Management System App. It can be used at no additional charge to the homeowners.

Why Get A Maintenance Plan

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Like a car, generators need regular maintenance to perform optimally. Avoid spending money on repairs or replacements by giving your generator regular maintenance. Here are some of the main reasons why you should do so.

  • Belts deteriorate over time becoming brittle and prevent the generator from functioning properly.
  • Engine oil breaks down over time and it needs to be changed, so does the filter. The engine can be seriously damaged if not done.
  • Electrical connections can loosen over time causing short circuits.
  • Rodents and other critters can make a home in your generator. Rats are known for chewing on electrical wiring.
  • Spark plugs deteriorate after frequent use, so new ones should be installed to keep the engine running smoothly.
  • The engine cooling system needs to be double-checked. Debris can prevent the radiator from cooling the engine and the engine coolant will need to be replaced at some point.

Why Choose Empowered Global

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When installing a whole house generator, homeowners need to consider the area, size, and type of generator they require. What best way to ensure this is done right than working with a Titanium Certified Kohler Dealer. This is the highest rank awarded to Kohler dealers.

Empowered Global is the first Titanium Kohler Dealer in Bonita Springs, Fl. So we can guarantee that you will receive outstanding customer service and an efficient installation timeline.

Certified Kohler Dealers

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why here at Empowered Global, we ensure every one of our electricians is certified and experienced.

Boasting Titanium Kohler Dealers certification, our team combines expertise with state-of-the-art tech to make sure you stay powered up regardless of weather conditions. Our electricians are trained to best size, install and maintain your Kohler generator so you can sit back and relax when there is a power outage.

Transparent Services

Finding a trustworthy electrician can be a challenging task. We keep our customers informed through the whole process and believe in transparency.

Once you discuss your project with us, our team starts working on your home instantly. We will visit your house to analyze the potential installation area and determine the best place to put your generator.

After that comes maintenance and repairing plans. Here at Empowered Global, we offer both maintenance and warranty programs to ensure that our electricians frequently check your generator to ensure optimum performance.

Stay powered up today with the help of a Kohler whole house generator! Contact us today to get started!