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Tips On How To Keep Your Office Efficient & Save On Your Energy Bill

Any modern business uses many electronics in its operations – from computers to smartphones and beyond. According to the American Council For An Energy-Efficient Economy, office equipment is responsible for $1.8 billion a year in energy output. If you aren’t conscious of it, you could be driving up a pretty hefty energy bill. Not only is this increasing your carbon footprint, but it’s an expense for your business that will affect its bottom line. It’s beneficial for yourself as a business owner and for your impact on the environment to try to make your office more energy efficient. Here are some tips & tricks to get you started!

Enforce Power Off Policies

A quick & easy way to save energy is to have your devices turned off when you aren’t using them. It’s very easy for employees to be nonchalant about how they are using energy in the workplace since they aren’t directly paying the bills. Set standards for your employees to turn off their office lights when they exit the room, and power off their computers at the end of the day or even during the way when they aren’t in use. Additionally, a good practice is to set a sleep mode on all electronics, so they will automatically go into a power saving mode when idle.

Upgrade to Efficient Appliances

Everything from computers to printers, to refrigerators, have a version that is most efficient you should be using to save energy in the office. Using laptop computers use 80% less energy than desktops, and even smaller monitors will save you. Similarly, inkjet printers are more efficient than laser jet printers. Smaller and newer refrigerator models have significantly less electrical costs associated with them. Do your research on any additional electrical purchases you make with a long-term plan for saving energy in mind.

Incorporate Work from Home Days

This won’t work for every business, but if it’s possible for your employees to work from home part of the week, take advantage of the opportunity to save energy in the office when it’s not necessarily. In our highly digital world, a lot of office work can be done remotely, and it can be beneficial for both the employees and employer.

Adjust to the Elements

We have become so dependent on electricity and simplifying processes that we sometimes forget we can rely on the natural elements around us. On nice days when you don’t need air conditioning to be blasting all the way, adjust it a few degrees to save energy. If you have spaces in your office with large windows that provide natural light, take advantage of that and keep the lights off.

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