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How to Prepare for the Florida Hurricane Season in 2017

Hurricanes are a fact of life in Florida. Are you prepared?
Tropical cyclones are among nature’s most destructive forces and one storm can alter your life and community. By knowing what to do before hurricane season begins and what actions you should take when a hurricane approaches, you can ensure your personal safety, protect your property and be sure you remain cool and comfortable even if the power’s out.

Fortunately, Empowered Global recently partnered with TAW Power Systems, Kohler Generators’ largest Southeast distributor, to provide back-up generators that can power entire homes and small businesses. Within seconds of a power loss, Kohler’s generators can power your air conditioning, refrigerator, electronic appliances and pool pump running smoothly.

Kohler’s home generators run on propane or natural gas, so there’s no need for refueling. Be sure to speak with an Empowered Global team professional to make sure the maintenance is up to date before hurricane season begins.

The National Weather Service provides a useful day-by-day planner for Hurricane Preparedness Week, which will be May 7 to May 13 this year. This is your time to prepare for Florida hurricane season, which lasts from June 1 to Nov. 30.

May 7:

Determine your risk. What are the dangers you face? Storm surge, rip currents, tornadoes, inland flooding and strong winds are threats. See the frequency at which a certain intensity of hurricane can be expected in your location on the National Hurricane Center website.

May 8:

Develop an evacuation plan by finding routes to safety and planning for your pets. Find out if you live in a hurricane storm-surge evacuation zone by clicking on your county on this website from the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

May 9:

Assemble disaster supplies. Remember, you’ll need supplies for a possible lengthy aftermath of a storm. The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes publishes a useful checklist of items you’ll need, here.

May 10:

Check your insurance coverage. Standard homeowner insurance doesn’t cover flooding, so you’ll need a separate policy. Check out this useful guide to insurance when disaster strikes, here.

May 11:

There’s a lot you can do to prepare your home for a hurricane. Trim the trees, cover the windows, secure loose outdoor items and move your car to a safe location. This is an informative video about protecting your home from flooding.

May 12:

Help your neighbor. Many people rely on their neighbors for assistance. Help your neighbors prepare to evacuate and check in with them after the storm passes.

May 13:

Write down your plan. If you wait until the hurricane is about to strike, supplies may be sold out and you’ll make poor decisions under duress. Writing your plan and working ahead will reduce stress. You can download and print a plan (including one for kids), here.

Be sure to call Empowered Global to discuss your generator and electrical needs before hurricane season gets underway. We’re here to help you prepare, so call us at 239-947-2375 or visit our website.

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