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Why You Shouldn’t Cut Corners When It Comes to Electrical Work

Electrical contractors undergo years of training and supervision in order to safely install and repair electrical systems. The work is complex, dangerous, and it can be expensive. Because of this, some people are tempted to hire cheap, quick contractors, or they try to handle the job themselves, even if they don’t have the right tools or training. Unfortunately, both of those scenarios could result in major problems down the line, which is why you should never cut corners when it comes to electrical work. Keep reading to learn what could happen if you don’t hire a licensed, professional electrical contractor.


Cutting corners when it comes to electrical work is not only irresponsible, it’s downright unsafe. If the person doing the work doesn’t know what they are doing, they run the risk of electrical shock, electrocution, or even sparking a fire right then and there while they’re working on the job. These are the very reasons that electricians are required to be trained, licensed, and insured. When choosing an electrical contractor, confirm that they have the right credentials and insurance, and it also wouldn’t hurt to get references. At the end of the day, make sure to only hire professionals who always follow proper procedures to ensure your job has been completed properly and safely.

Creates Additional Hazards

Trying to save money with a cheap, easy fix may work temporarily, but in doing that, you or an unprofessional electrical contractor could be creating serious dangers that could wreak havoc with your electrical system down the road. The worst part about this is that you may not even realize the hazards that have been created. You may experience flickering lights, tripped breakers, or other warning signs that could be easily overlooked. You might not even notice that there is a persisting issue or be aware of the risk that you and your family are taking by simply being in the house. Ultimately, taking the easy way out on anything electrical, from overloading circuits to improperly rigging up electric to a new shed, for example, could cause a serious fire or shock hazard down the road.

Costly Mistakes

Electrical work, depending on the job, can be expensive — but it’s even more costly to fix an original problem and damage that a cheap fix caused. When mistakes are made, electrical systems can be ruined, resulting in an even more expensive repair, which certainly isn’t saving you any money. Cutting corners can end up being more expensive in the long run, not to mention dangerous as we outlined above.

Don’t Cut Corners on Electrical Work

As we mentioned, the true cost of cutting corners on electrical worth is significant. Never hire an unlicensed, cheap contractor or attempt to DIY an electrical job. Overall, it’s best to go with a professional when it comes to electrical work, even if that means swallowing your pride and letting someone else handle a job you’re sure you could handle. Ultimately, the risks of not hiring a professional far outweigh any potential time or cost savings.

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