• Image of a hurricane over water

    Start Preparing For 2020 Hurricane Season with a Home Generator

    Spring is approaching, and it’s time to start looking ahead to the 2020 hurricane season. It may seem early to start preparing for hurricane season, but experts have made it clear that the earlier you start preparing, the better. The season starts June 1 and it is the most active in August and September. Here […]

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  • Generator Installation Timing Blog Image

    When Should I Install My Generator for Hurricane Season?

    If you live in Southwest Florida, you have probably been experiencing heavy rains and storms over the past few months. We even had a tropical wave come through a few weeks ago on the east coast of Florida that brought heavy rainstorms throughout the weekend. You may have even noticed a news story about how […]

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  • Installing Your Kohler Home Generator

    Hurricane season is well underway in Southwest Florida and we’ve been receiving requests for home generator installation to help prepare homes for upcoming storms. However, when it comes to installing a whole-home generator, the process really should begin much earlier in the year. You might be ready to install a generator in your home but […]

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