David Logsdon

To whom it may concern,

It was twice my pleasure to work with Daniel Husty, president and owner of Empowered Global, Inc. We first met when he subcontracted the electric portion of a projected that I had hired others to perform; based on that involvement, I then directly hired Daniel and his team for extensive work at my personal home in Isla Del Sol. Both experiences were outstanding. There are three areas that matter most to the success of any joint venture: results, relationships, and attitude.

Results: Daniel reliably met all deadlines, was focused and worked hard. He proactively identified and overcame obstacles that would have otherwise created an aesthetically unpleasant outcome. On both of my projects he was creative in his approach and in a phrase, did a great job.

Relationships: He is resourceful and anticipates client needs. Despite then working as a subcontractor, Daniel amazingly donated personal time at his expense to enhance my experience; such actions define business-savvy!

Attitude: Daniel is upbeat and positive. More importantly, he asks and verifies his customers’ desired outcomes and is thoughtfully open to alternate solutions.

You should know that at Wayne Homes out mission is threefold: we deliver outstanding customer experiences, do a great job, and get better every day. Daniel seems to have taken our goals as his own in both process and results. If you are looking for a team headed by a talented individual and dedicated to operational excellence, look no further than Daniel Husty’s Empowered Global, Inc.


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