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Why Generator Expertise Matters

Why Generator Expertise Matters

If you live in Southwest Florida, or any other region that experiences extreme weather conditions that might cause power outages to occur, you know the importance of having a standby generator in your home. Having a generator in your home could be the difference between you being able to live your life normally with electricity for hours, days, or even weeks in the event of an emergency.

Getting a generator installed is not as easy as it seems. It’s not as simple as running down to the store and setting it up yourself. In order to get the best results from your generator, it is important to work with a licensed electrician that has expertise in generator installation. And here’s why!

Power Requirements & Fuel Type

Before the generator gets installed in your home, there are some steps you should take to select the right generator for your home. Emergency standby generators are typically fueled by natural gas, propane or diesel. A licensed electrician with experience in generator installation can evaluate the power needs of your home’s electrical panel and determine the right generator and fuel type for your needs and find something that works for your budget.


In addition to selecting the generator, an important aspect of the installation is placement. You must identify an area in your home that the generator will be readily accessible for maintenance and repair and is high enough to keep rising water from reaching the generator. Additionally, you must identify the best place for the transfer switch and fuel supply. An experienced electrician with generator expertise will be able to make sure your generator is in the right place and is within any code requirements for your area.


Making sure the generator is installed correctly is imperative in having your generator work properly and last. Throughout the process of wiring the generator and installing the fuel line, the technician installing it has to follow the right steps to make sure everything is set up safely and accurately. It also requires a final inspection to make sure no mistakes are made before you turn the generator on for service.

Ongoing Maintenance

We’ve stressed before how important it is to have ongoing maintenance on your generator to keep the equipment from failing at a critical time. To ensure reliable operation, it’s best to develop a maintenance plan with a licensed technician that can periodically inspect your generator, and make sure that you have everything you need in place to keep it running properly.

Work with A Southwest Florida Platinum Certified Kohler Dealer

As you can see, from selecting a generator to installation, to ongoing maintenance, the whole process of installing and owning a generator is one that requires the expertise of a licensed electrician that is highly trained in every aspect of generators. At Empowered Global, we became a certified Platinum Kohler dealer in January of 2019, meaning our technicians are specially trained in sizing, installing and maintaining home standby generators. The platinum status is only offered to electrical contractors who have exceeded expectations in customer service, professionalism, and overall installation – so you can trust Empowered Global to do the best possible job on your generator installation.

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