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New Construction: Do You Need a Licensed Electrician in Naples, Fla.?

The economic recovery in the Naples, Fla., area means electricians are in high demand. But the flip side of a growing economy is that inexperienced and unlicensed individuals show up and put your homebuilding business at risk.

Here’s why you need a licensed electrician in Naples: It’s the law. State statutes and Collier County ordinances require all contractors to have a license. In Collier County, all contractors must take an exam to obtain a county contractor license. State-certified contractors don’t have to take the exam but they may complete a voluntary registration form. You can check the status of a contractor here.

Although the Collier County Growth Management Division’s Licensing Section regulates licensed electricians and other contractors in the Naples area, county officials say there are warning signs to help to spot unlicensed contractors who are subject to prosecution:

  1.  The electrician displays only an occupational license or business-tax receipt. In order to be an electrician in Naples and Collier County, a contractor must be licensed by the state or the county. Ask to see the electrician’s certificate of competency issued by Collier County or the state contractor license.
  2. The electrician is only willing to work on weekends or after hours. This is often a sign that the person is contracting on his own without a license. Licensed contractors are full-time professionals.
  3. The electrician asks for a large down payment before work begins or frequently requests money during the early part of a job. Payments should only be for a part of the work. To be licensed in Collier County, contractors must demonstrate sufficient financial ability to perform the work for which the license is granted.
  4. An electrician asks you to obtain the permit from the Naples or Collier County building department. A licensed contractor in good standing will always obtain the permit. Unlicensed contractors cannot pull permits.
  5. An electrician isn’t willing to put the terms of the work in writing. A verbal contract is a sign of potential trouble. 
  6. An electrician does not have proof of insurance. Licensed contractors must have general liability and workers’ compensation insurance in effect at all times.
  7. An electrician tells you that the Naples or Collier County job doesn’t require a permit or an inspection. Almost all projects require a permit and an inspection and any job over $2,500 requires a signed notice of commencement. In Naples, you can verify this information with the building department and in Collier County you can find information here.
  8. An electrician has someone other than the person or company doing the work obtaining the permit. This is another sign that the electrician isn’t licensed.
  9. An electrician asks you to make a check payable to an individual or to cash. Licensed contractors will have a separate business account and payments should be made payable to a company.
  10. Advertisements in newspapers or directories only list a phone number. A missing business address is a red flag and licensed contractors are required to include their certificate of competency number in all types of advertising.

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