• Do You Need A Home Generator Blog Image

    Do You Need A Home Generator?

    Living in Southwest Florida, you’ve likely heard about friends or neighbors installing whole-home generators (we do live in hurricane season for almost half the year, after all). If you are a first-time homeowner or simply curious about installing a generator, you’re likely interested in learning more about them. What are the benefits of a whole […]

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  • Guide to Landscape Lighting

    Now that Daylight Savings Time is over, we’ve reached the time of year where it gets dark much earlier than most of us would like. This time of year may also make you realize that you need a little something extra to brighten up your home outside (literally). Outdoor lighting, also known as landscape lighting, […]

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  • lightbulb

    How Do Kohler Home Generators Work?

    Picture this: the power in your home goes out. You might be in the middle of a hurricane or extreme weather, or maybe it’s just a regular afternoon thunderstorm. There could be electrical work going on in your area that happens to take out your power. Either way, if you have a home generator, that […]

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  • What Is Whole Home Surge Protection Blog Image

    What Is Whole Home Surge Protection? Why Do You Need It?

    Throughout hurricane season, we’re sure you’ve heard about the importance of generators in your Southwest Florida home. While generators are essential to keep your home protected and keep your family safe in the event of a hurricane, there are other things you can do to keep your home and appliances well connected. Another aspect of […]

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  • Generator Installation Timing Blog Image

    When Should I Install My Generator for Hurricane Season?

    If you live in Southwest Florida, you have probably been experiencing heavy rains and storms over the past few months. We even had a tropical wave come through a few weeks ago on the east coast of Florida that brought heavy rainstorms throughout the weekend. You may have even noticed a news story about how […]

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  • Image of chandelier on stairs

    Improve Your Luxury Home with Custom Electrical Work

    We recently wrote on our blog how you can improve the resale value of your home through electrical upgrades. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home, and maybe just want to give your home a refresh, a great way to do that is through electrical work. In Southwest Florida, we frequently service luxury […]

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  • Hurricane image

    Get Ready for the 2019 Hurricane Season in Southwest Florida

    Hurricane season formally starts June 1st in Southwest Florida, which means that it is officially underway. The first named storm, tropical storm Andrea, was even announced a few weeks ago. Ever since Hurricane Irma came in the fall of 2017, everyone in the Southwest Florida area learned the importance of hurricane preparedness and saw the […]

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  • The Importance Of Generator Expertise Blog Featured Image

    Why Generator Expertise Matters

    Why Generator Expertise Matters If you live in Southwest Florida, or any other region that experiences extreme weather conditions that might cause power outages to occur, you know the importance of having a standby generator in your home. Having a generator in your home could be the difference between you being able to live your […]

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  • Exterior of a house

    Help Your Home’s Resale Value with Electrical Upgrades

    Are you thinking about selling your home in Southwest Florida? Making sure your house is ready to put on the market is a big undertaking. To figure out what’s most important, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and you may find that an updated, functioning electrical system in the home is probably one of the […]

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  • 2 light bulbs in dark room

    Residential & Commercial Lighting Guide

    When it comes to lighting for your home or place of business, everything is not as simple as it seems. While your place may come with built-in lighting installed, and you have the option for adding lamps or other lighting fixtures, there are many ways you can customize the lighting through specialty installations. Not every […]

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